Effects Tone City Wild Fro Distortion Pedal Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned in very good condition, original box not included.

Tone City produces a number of dirt pedals, but the majority of them are designed to offer traditional low-to-medium gain overdrive sounds. The Wild Fro, however, definitely breaks the mould!

Built to deliver sizzling modern distortion, The Tone City Wild Fro remains tight and focused even with its 'Gain' control cranked, making it apt for technical and percussive Massaad-style riffs. Want to add even more definition? Simply turn up the 'Tone' control and you'll cut through effortlessly in even the most frantic of metal mixes.

It doesn't end there though! The Wild Fro also boasts a 'More' switch which provides an extra dose of glorious gain. Perfect for laying down lead guitar parts with, this thoughtful addition adds even more flexibility to an already versatile mini stompbox. What more could you possibly want?

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