*** Due to a high number of submissions, please allow up to 5 business days for us to get back to you. We try our best to get through all submissions as quickly as we can. If you're enquiry is urgent, please feel free to give us a call or pop into the shop. To enable us to get back to you as quickly as possible, please include as many good quality photo's as possible, information on make and model, any modifications and some indication of how much you would like for your item ***


  • The Rock Inn is one of Australia's oldest licensed second-hand dealers
  • Having a licence gives us the ability to purchase direct from you
  • We can also pay out on consignment sales, rather than just giving a store credit
  • All sold consignment items are paid out by direct deposit the next business day if required. 
  • We are unique because unlike many stores, we also carry an extensive range of all the popular new brands. This means you can swap/trade multiple items on something new.
  • A single item or an entire collection!
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This is generally our most popular option and everyone’s always happy with the outcome. You leave your item with us for sale (whilst still retaining ownership) and then once it sells we can pay you out on the pre-agreed price.  This option generally sees you get the highest return for your item.

Outright Purchase

Can’t be bothered with Gumtree or just want something gone? We are a fully licensed second hand dealer and so we can pay you out in cash for your item (cash, direct deposit, or cash cheque available). 

Trade In

Want to turn your Fender into a Gibson or your old amp into a new acoustic? We can offer store credit towards anything in the store to help you get your dream guitar. Turn your few intermediate guitars into the guitar of your dreams!







Tell us what you have

  • Use the form below to tell us about your gear
  • Include any information that may help us (Year it was made, Country it was made in)
  • Mention any minor/major repairs or modifications that the item may have had




Upload Photos

  • Take as many clear photos of your items as you can
  • Include the serial number if you know where to find it
  • Make sure you show any marks or dings

Tell us what you want

  • Do you want to trade, sell or consign your items?
  • How much would you like to receive for your items?
  • We’ll always try our best to pick the right option for you and you back a fair price for your items
  • Fill in the form below to get started!


We love seeing your gear in person, so if you're able to bring it down to the shop that's always the best option. However we can also arrange interstate consignment/trading and assist with having your gear collected by courier. In most cases we will arrange the freight for you. All you have to do is organise the packing. 

Any pictures and info will help us accurately value your gear, although any final price is still dependant on us inspecting the item in-store. Rarely will this differ from our pre-delivery quote. We're also happy to skype/facetime so you can show the condition of your item.

We're especially interested in: Vintage guitars, basses, and amps, American and Japanese quality guitars, Valve Amplifiers and Pedals, Anything rare and ususual and boutique brands.

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