"Although the business did not open until March 1988, the story of “The Rock Inn” really starts in 1979, when I travelled from Melbourne to Perth on tour with my band and fell in love with Perth, and Western Australia.

After 3 months of solid touring and gigging in the West we headed back, but my trusty ’68 Dodge truck only made it to Ceduna before warping the head and having a total cardiac arrest. The truck then had to be towed to Adelaide and then put on the rail to get it home, needless to say all the touring funds were gone and then some! I then got a job in a music shop to pay off the debts and eight years later ... "

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Featured Video 1964 Fender Stratocaster L Series

Check out this awesome '64 Strat being put through it's paces. In between setting up, repairing and managing the shop we try and get as many of these videos up as possible. Stay tuned for more!
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