We handle and conduct most repairs here in the store. Whether you’re a bedroom player or a rock star, we’ll give your guitar the love and attention it needs.

It is almost always best to bring your guitar into the store for a free quote – it’s hard to quote over the phone!

We can handle all Guitars, Amps & Effects Pedals repairs. For those we cannot do in the store, we have a highly skilled network of repairers who conduct repairs for us to the highest quality and the best prices.

For current lead times and any more questions you may have feel free to give us a call or pop in and see us! The price list below offers an indication of general fee's applied to each service, however can be adjusted if more/less work is required.

Restring & Clean - $59 Includes new strings, restring, clean etc. Add $20 for Floyd Rose tremolo guitars. Add $10 for Elixir or Augustine Strings.

Setup & Service - $79 Includes Restring & Clean plus: neck adjustment, intonation, string action, fretboard conditioning, hardware, electrics check. Add $10 for Elixir Strings. Repairs to electrical wiring (jack, pots) quoted and biled separately.

Bass Setup & Service - $120 Includes: Restring and clean plus: Neck adjustment, intonation string action, fretboard conditioning, hardware and electrics check. Repair to electrical wiring (jacks and Pots) quoted and billed separately.

Strap Button Installation - $25 Strap button installation (electric or acoustic), includes strap button.

Machine Head (tuning key) replacement - $25 Replacing damaged or worn machine head. Excludes cost of parts.

Input Jack - Solid Body Electric - $35 Fit net input jack to solid body guitar, includes jack.

Input Jack - Hollowbody or Acoustic - $55 Fit new input jack to hollow body or acoustic guitar.

Pickup installation - Electric - $45 Price per pickup installation. For more then one pick up add $10 per pickup. Re-stringing (if required) $20 + strings.

Pickup Installation - Acoustic - $100 Undersaddle pickup installation aka LR Baggs Element Active with endpin jack, battery and sound hole controls. Does not include installing preamp 'box' in wood sides. Soundhole pickups with endpin jack $75. Re-stringing (if required) $20 + strings.

Electrical Components - $35+ Installing potentiometers, switches, capacitors, jacks. 

Bone Nut, Saddle - $130+ New, handcrafted custom made bone saddle or nut.

Acoustic Body Crack Repairs - $80+ Repairs to cracks in acoustic guitar bodies.

Acoustic Bridge Re-Glue - $150+ Re-glue lifting acoustic guitar bridge

Headstock Re-Glue - $150+ Re-glue cracked or broken guitar headstock

Miscellaneous - $25  for initial quick fix (price may vary depending on time spent and parts) 


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