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Acoustic Guitars Pratley SLS-1E Stage Bunya/Silky Oak Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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Handcrafted on the Gold Coast in Australia, Pratley Guitars produce world class instruments with unique design and character while maintaining a classic appeal that will endure.

The SL Series combines the beautiful tone of a Solid Bunya soundboard with the price of Layered veneer back. Although this is the entry level to Pratley acoustic guitars we have stayed true to our 3 major design principles of tone, feel and simple elegant aesthetics.

The Stage model body is a mid-size shape that fits in between the concert models and the Mini OM models. 

We are always proud to use sustainable Australian native tone-woods and the SL series continues that tradition. The neck is plantation Victorian Ash which has great strength to weight and stability. The back & sides are made in Australia from high quality Australian tone-wood veneers and the soundboard is 'A' grade QLD Bunya.

The SL series acoustics are available without pickups as special order.


  • Body: Stage Model (L475mm / W375mm / D110mm)
  • Back & Sides: Queensland Silky Oak
  • Top: Solid Queensland Bunya
  • Fretboard: Johnstone River Teak
  • Bridge: Johnstone River Teak
  • Neck: Victorian Ash
  • Headstock Face: Spotted Gum
  • Rosette: 8-piece Solid Queensland Maple
  • Scale Length: 25.5" (647.7mm)
  • Nut Width: 44mm
  • Bridge String Spacing: 11mm
  • Bracing: Modified Pratley AX
  • Brace Material: Quarter Sawn Queensland Bunya
  • Nut/Saddle/Pins: Graphtech
  • Neck Joint to Body: 14th Fret
  • Tuners: Chrome - 20:1 Ratio
  • Strap buttons: Chrome
  • Inlays: 1/4”Acrylic Dots
  • Pickup: Fishman Presys II
  • Strings: Elixir Phosphor Bronze 12-53

Please Note: Specifications are subject to change at any time. Please refer to www.pratleyguitars.com.au

About Pratley Guitars

Martin Pratley started building original acoustic guitars at the age of 19, drawing from the fine skills passed down by his woodworking father and Martin’s study in Industrial Design. Martin spent years building custom Stomp Boxes and Guitars, and in 2004, combining his wealth of knowledge, skill, and passion, launched Pratley Guitars.

Not long after the official launch, Martin brought about the design and production of the first Pratley Cajon’s. The proprietary On/Off snare design has proven its brilliant simplicity to this day and as such Pratley Cajon’s have made their place as one of the leaders worldwide.

In the years to come Pratley products have become common place in the Australian music scene, being seen in around 50 retail stores across Australia. The guitars themselves continue to go from strength to strength gaining prominence in Canada and securing artist endorsement from beloved Australian artists John Butler, Ash Grunwald, Tash Sultana and more recently Steph StringsJack Carty and Josh Teskey.

Why choose a Pratley Guitar

Internationally renowned, Pratley Guitars are handcrafted in Queensland, using stunning Australian tonewoods. The Pratley design is inspired, and the build is exceptional; with a uniquely created neck joint to enhance setup and playability and quality hardware as standard. Made for the Australian climate, Pratley’s signature bracing design means that the guitars can better tolerate fluctuations in humidity; ensuring exceptional performance in both dry and humid conditions.

The Tonewoods

Pratley Guitars have a real passion for using the native timber from our beautiful country. Using Australian tone-woods gives Pratley acoustic guitars a voicing that stands out among international brands. 

Using local native timber species allows each Pratley Guitar to be much more environmentally friendly. Instead of importing timber from different countries all over the world, a number of premium tonewoods that grow within 4hrs drive of the Pratley factory are used. This combined with the fact that the Bunya soundboards come from trees that can be harvested after 30-40 years makes sustainability a big part of the Pratley Guitar ethos. (For example, Spruce soundboards often come from trees 200-400 years old).

Premium tonewoods you can find used in a Pratley Guitar are Queensland BunyaQueensland Maple Silkwood, Tasmanian BlackwoodQueensland Silver Quandong.

The Fretboard

The unique tonewoods do not stop with the body of the guitar. Each Pratley Guitar has a fretboard made with either Johnstone River Teak or WengeJohnstone River Teak (JRT) is a topical hardwood similar to Indian rosewood in density & oil content. It makes a very stable fretboard that sits perfectly in the sweet spot of oily, hard, & with a good weight. It also holds frets very well. Wenge is an African wood that is beautiful and dark. It is tonally & visually amazing. This super hardwearing tone-wood is a great addition to the more expensive models.

The fretboard is also a floating fretboard with its end sitting just above the soundboard. Many companies compromise the soundboard geometry to create the correct angle to glue on the fretboard. Others machine the fretboard thin to thick to create the angle. Pratley Guitars keep the full thickness of the neck & fretboard through, past the last fret and then allow the fretboard to float above the top. Traditional stringed instruments  such as violin & cello also do this as it allows the maker to focus on the voice of the soundboard without compromise.

The Neck

The neck carve is high performing with 2-way adjustable truss rod & twin torsion bars. Both Truss rod & torsion bars run across the 14th fret body intersection which prevents any hump forming. Having the truss rod & bars run the full length of the neck allows for a more even relief arc from 1st to last fret.

Pratley Guitars use a set neck joining method which means the full thickness neck is glued into a solid timber pocket. The natural taper of the neck when fitted into the pocket creates a wedge joint similar to a horizontal dovetail. Pratley have also eliminated the 'OLD WORLD' heel which came from the Spanish heel method of construction. Removing the heel has reduced weight and allowed greater access to fretboard. Each neck is carefully fitted and glued into the body pocket to maximise resonant transfer.

The Bracing

Using his Industrial Design background, Martin Pratley has developed the A-X top bracing pattern to prevent bridge roll (top belly-ing) while enhancing the articulation and sweetness of tone. The bracing is also made from premium quarter sawn Bunya and is designed in a way that improves resonant transfer between the top, sides & back. The backs also have a 4.5M radius dome joined with the sides using their proprietary laser kerf linings.

The Headstock

An optimised Scarf Joint Head Angle is used to provide a good string break angle and superior strength.

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