Accessories Strymon Ojai R30 Compact High Current Pedal Power Supply

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An Even More Flexible Ojai

Strymon is well known for crafting high-tech products that often become the centerpiece of guitarists' pedalboards — the Ojai R30 is a great example of this. This 5-outlet pedalboard power supply not only pushes an astounding 500mA from each jack, but it handles pedals requiring 9-, 12- and 18-volt draws. While three of the outlets are reserved for the most common 9-volt operation, two boast easy-to-use switching for selecting the voltage that works for your pedal. And the Ojai R30's slim design and included power cables make it one of the more convenient pedalboard power options out there.

Five pedals, three different voltages

Despite its convenient low-profile design, the Strymon Ojai R30 effects pedal power supply can effortlessly power your most power-hungry pedals. Each of the Ojai's five outputs pumps out a respectable 500mA. That is plenty of juice for many digital delays and even some multi-effect units. And with two of the outputs adjustable between 9-, 12- and 18-volts, there aren't many pedals it can't handle. Each output is also fully isolated, eliminating any ground and AC line noise from entering your signal. And the Ojai R30's input and outputs adjust for power fluctuations, keeping your performance consistent.

Conveniently expandable

A single Ojai R30 pedalboard power supply has enough juice to handle many player's whole setup. But don't worry if you're a pedal addict, like many of the players here at Sweetwater, the Ojai R30 has you covered too. It features a 24V Thru jack for adding on additional Ojai R30 or standard Ojais to your board. In fact, it's also a perfect way to expand Strymon's larger Zuma power supply for large and involved pedalboard setups. This feature allows you to keep adding on and create your perfect custom pedal rig.

Built for a guitarist's needs

The Strymon Ojai R30 is engineered from the ground up to handle the demands of today's gigging guitarists. Besides its impressive power abilities, the Ojai R30 pedalboard power supply is built extremely rugged. It's anodized aluminum chassis will protect its circuitry for years to come. The Ojai R30's slimmer dimensions are also ideal for mounting on or underneath your board. And it boasts the ability to work perfectly with the various voltages around the world.

Strymon Ojai R30 Effects Pedal Power Supply Features:

  • Effects pedal power supply for up to 5 pedals
  • 3 x 9V, 500mA outputs
  • 2 x switchable 9V, 12V, or 18V 500mA outputs
  • Dual-isolated outputs ensure noise-free pedal operation
  • 24-volt through allows the unit to be added to the Zuma or other Ojai supplies
  • Built for the rigors of the road
  • Slim dimensions mount easily under a tight pedalboard
  • Tech Specs
  • Inputs 24V DC (AC adapter included)
  • Outputs 3 x 9V DC 500mA, 2 x 9V/12V/18V DC 500ma, 1 x 24V DC pass thru
  • Maximum Output Current 2.5A (dependent on voltage)
  • Height 1.15"
  • Width 2.3"
  • Depth 5.1"
  • Weight 6 oz.
  • Manufacturer Part Number Ojai R30
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