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Effects MXR Custom Shop Script Dyna Comp Compressor Pedal

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An industry standard for tight instrument compression since 1976.

In the quest for ultimate tone, a compressor is an indispensable ally. And the MXR Dyna Comp that was produced in 1976 has long been regarded as one of the ultimate stomp box compressors ever made. There's something inherently musical in the way this compressor pedal "tightens up" a guitar signal, raising the volume of quiet notes and leveling off peaks to create rich, full bodied sustain. From country twangers to metal monsters, guitarists have long relied on the MXR Dyna Comp pedal to make their riffs stand tall in any live or studio mix.

Now the MXR Custom Shop brings back that highly sought-after sound with the '76 Vintage Dyna Comp. Meticulously researched and superbly crafted, the compressor pedal features the exact same circuitry used in the original 1976 Dyna Comp, identical in its component layout, silkscreen and handmade wire harness. The key component is the old school CA3080 "metal can" integrated circuit (IC), which yields quieter operation, greater transparency and increased dynamic range. These ICs have been out of production since the '80s, but MXR has tracked down a stash of them—enough to produce a limited run of these little red boxes of compression bliss.

The MXR Custom Shop '76 Vintage Dyna Comp effect pedal can be powered by one 9-volt battery accessed through the bottom of the pedal.

  • Switchcraft jacks, Carling switches and CTS potentiometers
  • Old school CA3080 "metal can" IC for optimum performance
  • Output and Sensitivity controls
  • Identical red paint and legendary MXR "Script" logo of the original
  • Housing is made of lightweight aluminum, as in 1976
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