Amplifiers Marshall Studio Classic SC20C 20W Valve Guitar Amp Combo

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The Studio Classic SC20C combo effortlessly replicates that definitive Marshall JCM800 2203 roar, all packed into a portable 20W for today’s player. Originally introduced in the 80’s, the JCM800 2203 established itself by uniting iconic Marshall design with that genre defining heavy rock crunch. Already played by guitar heroes the world over, but now remastered for the modern day with power reduction from 20W to 5W, letting you take your tone to the home.

The SC20C is a UK made all valve amplifier, Just like the original that kicked off the Marshall crunch revolution and changed the face of modern amplifiers forever. It's compact, lightweight, easily transportable, iconic tone scaled down into an easily movable frame. It also features a power reduction circuit, switch between 20W and 5W power to capture that huge tone at home, studio or stage. Faithful to it's inspiration the SC20H gives you that Authentic JCM800 2203 tone, with a master volume control and series FX loop so you can recreate that signature sound.

  • Portable replica of the classic JCM800 2203
  • 20 Watt valve combo
  • Power reduction to 5 Watts
  • 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter) pre amp valves
  • 2 x EL34 power valves
  • 1 x 10" Celestion V-type 10” (16Ω, 50W)
  • Detachable power cable
  • FX Loop - series, send/return
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