Amplifiers Markbass STU AMP 1000 1000-Watt Bass Amplifier Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned in excellent condition, this Markbass STU AMP 1000 is a high quality bass amplifier! 

Stu is a real rocker and he wanted an amp dedicated to his articulated style but with simple/intuitive controls and with a “rock” size to fit the taste of loud guys like him on stage. The new Stu Hamm signature amp features both a solid state and a tube preamp with separate level controls offering the clean attack of a solid state and the warmth and grit of a tube in a single unit with the mix option, plus a 7-band graphic EQ to tailor your bass tone to perfection. The massive real power of 1000W from the MPT power amp allows to handle any kind of gigs, no matter how big the stage or how loud the band... this amp is always ready to rock hard!
From a small club to Joe Satriani’s big stage: Rock your sound with the MB STU AMP 1000!

The two MB STU AMP 1000 preamps with separate controls for the solid state and tube, offer a wide range of tone from clean to crunchy overdrive and distortion and everything in between. You can rock your sound from old-school to hard rock or make your own alternative rock tone!

The seven-band graphic EQ is very useful and easy to use to modify your instrument tone. The seven frequencies were chosen to give you total control of your bass tone, even on 5 and 6-string basses. Each band can be boosted or cut over a +/-16dB range.

This high-power head gets amplified by a poweful 1000W MPT power amp, boasting massive supply of power and serious headroom. About all the bass amps on the market use the same power amp from different manufacturers, which are not specifically designed for bass. At Markbass, Marco De Virgiliis invested a lot on R&D to create a proprietary power amp technology, specifically designed to respect and glorify the tone of your instrument.

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