Effects Mad Professor Fuzz 32 Limited Edition Hand-Wired Fuzz Pedal Turqoise Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned in excellent condition with velcro attached to base, comes with original box.

A very cool hand-wired fuzz pedal from Mad Professor, the Fuzz 32. This pedal comes from a limited 96 unit production run and is finished in turquoise

Mad Professor Fuzz 32 will deliver the tone of the best vintage fuzzes without the well known shortcomings. Fuzz 32 has added output so you can easily surpass the unity gain and boost your signal too even with the mildest amounts of fuzz. The added tone control, which you don’t see in vintage fuzzes, is very handy for brightening up the tone of a mild fuzz or taming down the over-the-top amounts of fuzz. Turning the tone control all the way up to the max will get you those bright and in-your-face kind off tones too when desired. One of the advantages also in the Fuzz 32 circuit is the possibility to place a buffer in front of it. This highly awaited feature makes it possible to place the Fuzz 32 anywhere in you signal chain, use it with wireless systems and experiment with boosters in front of it, as a few examples!

Designers at Mad Professor also innovated a really clever way to stabilise the Fuzz 32 circuit in a way that the vintage-germanium-transistor-consisting circuit is not as delicate to changes in temperature as the circuits are in old fuzzes. Vintage fuzzes are known to have a lot of tone variation depending on surrounding temperature. You can also power up the Fuzz 32 with the same 9V (negative tip) power supply you are using with most of your other pedals too.

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