Accessories Lollar Pickups Sixty Four Strat Staggered Pole Pickup Set of 3 Parchment

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Full set of 3 with parchment covers included.

From Lollar:

This is one of our most popular Strat sets. It includes our Sixty-Four Strat pickups for neck and middle positions, with our Special S Series® pickup for the bridge. The Sixty-Four pickups are one of our most versatile delivering prominent midrange and clear top end with a piano-like attack while the slightly higher output Lollar Special S bridge is just bit warmer and more full-bodied than our other Strat-style bridge pickups. To order this set, select "Special Sixty-Four Set of 3" from the drop-down menu above.

AVG DC: Sixty-Four Neck 6.4K, Sixty-Four Middle 6.5K, Special S Bridge 7.6K

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