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Amplifiers Fender Vaporizer 12-Watt 2x10" Valve Combo Amplifier Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned in very good condition, this Fender Vaporizer is a very cool 12-Watt 2x10" Valve amplifier! It shows only light signs of wear, original footswitch included.

Fender's 2x1012W Vaporizer tube combo evokes the 1950s-™60s age of the Space Race and blasts you like a ray gun back to that exciting era. The Space Race permeated culture everywhere, from film and television to cars, guitars, appliances and more ” everything was bright, colorful and flashy. Garage bands blasted off with guitar music, and legions of musicians who couldn't swing pro gear bashed away on department-store guitars and amps.

Though it presents an out-of-this-world retro look, it houses an affordable, portable tube-driven tone machine with easy-to-use features and effects.

The Vaporizer hosts two inputs (normal and bright) and simple controls for Volume, tone and reverb. The reverb control creates full, wet reverb for moody "late-night" vibe and approximates the sound of playing in a tunnel, and the single-button "wedge" footswitch is used for selecting "vaporizer mode, which bypasses volume and tone controls for full-strength overload.

Power: 12W tube
Speakers: 2x10" Special Design Vaporizer speakers
Two inputs ” 1/4", Normal and Bright
Internal speaker disconnects to allow the amp's 1/4" output to be used with external 8Î speaker enclosures
Controls: Volume, Tone and Reverb
Tubes: two x 12AX7; two x 6BQ5/EL84
Single-Button "Wedge" footswitch included
Weight: 37 lb (16.78 kg)

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