Effects Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter Phaser Pedal

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The Electro Harmonix Bad Stone phase shifter pedal recreates the circuit design of the iconic 1970s model in a compact package equipped with new features. The reinvented phase shifter retains the simple three-knob control layout of the original for ease of use.

Using the toggle switch, you can select between Auto and Manual modes, while the Rate knob adjusts the phase shifting speed. In addition to a Manual Switch knob, the phase shifter also provides a Feedback knob that determines the depth of the phase effect. With six phase shifting stages, the reincarnated Bad Stone provides excellent versatility. This phase shifter pedal features a rugged die-cast housing that handles difficult road conditions well. Other amenities include true bypass for maximum signal path integrity, an effect status LED and a built-in AC jack that accepts an optional EHX9.6DC power supply.

Features A faithful reincarnation of the legendary 1970s Bad Stone with carefully selected updates for the modern player The Bad Stone was the first phase shifter to employ variable feedback and features an awesome six stages of phase shifting Manual Shift mode that lets you freeze the phase Compact, rugged die-cast package True bypass switching for maximum signal path integrity.

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