Effects Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO Analog Flanger Pedal

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The Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO flanger pedal brings your rig the classic sound of an EHX flanger and throws in the option to add some chime to your chops. The Deluxe version features EHX's own Filter Matrix setup, which creates a series of modulation filters independent of the flanger circuit, thereby offering an array of sweeping, spacey configurations without muddying up the tone.

Three user-friendly knobs enable you to tweak the color, range and rate of the flanger, taking you from subtle to saturated with a few quick turns. Two outputs allow you to send out a dry signal alongside your flanger path to open up numerous pedal chain possibilities. The Deluxe Electric Mistress guitar pedal also features a true bypass switch that preserves your signal when you switch off the effect.

Power your pedal with the included EHX power supply, or eliminate the wire clutter across your board by inserting a 9-volt battery. This legendary pedal is protected by EHX's equally legendary metal chassis, making this a pedal built to withstand the rigors of gigging.

  • The same incredible, rich, resonant flanging now in a pedalboard friendly package
  • Unique Filter Matrix mode stops the sweep for freeze-frame tones and tricks
  • LED to indicate when effect is engaged
  • True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity
  • EHX9.6-200mA power supply included, also runs on 9V battery
  • Dimensions (mm): 102 W x 121 L x 89 H
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