Earthquaker Devices Earthquaker Devices Limited Edition Brain Dead Ghost Echo Reverb

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EarthQuaker Devices announce a limited-edition Ghost Echo Vintage Voiced Reverb collaboration with international creative studio Brain Dead.

Brain Dead has been leading the charge all over the world with their innovative graphics and celebration of art, music, literature, and cinema. The Ghost Echo is our spooky take on the haunted amp-top spring reverberation units of yesteryear.

This creepy analogue/digital spring reverb emulation machine boasts a terrifying 30ms – 150ms of pre-delay, controllable via the Attack knob, for everything from a quick rockabilly slapback to viscous pools of ectoplasmic reverberations.

Features True bypass Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch Technology Lifetime warranty Current Draw: 86 mA Input Impedance: 10 MΩ Output Impedance: 1 kΩ U.P.C: 0810019912740 Boxed Dimensions: 146mm x 82mm x 82mm Weight: 295g

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