Effects DigiTech Whammy Ricochet Pitch Shift Pedal

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Bounce your pitch up or down with the Whammy Ricochet pitch shift stomp box. With just the push of a footswitch, your instrument goes from calm, cool, and collected to feverish, hot, and heavy. The customisable rise and fall time ballistics work without a treadle, giving you more independence to alter your sounds. The box's seven available pitch selections include 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, Octave, Double Octave, and Octave+Dry, and the toggle scrolls quickly through each one. Latching footswitch mode lets you keep your current setting until you're ready to switch again, and a helpful LED ladder shows your shift trajectory at all times. Surprise your audience or create new sounds in the studio with the Whammy Ricochet pitch shift stomp box.

  • Famous Whammy sound without a bulky treadle
  • Bend notes up or down across two octaves
  • Seven selectable pitch intervals
  • Ultimate control of shift and return time
  • LED trajectory ladder provides instant visual feedback
  • Classic and Chords mode
  • Momentary or latching footswitch
  • True bypass in latching mode
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