Effects ZVEX Lo-Fi Loop Hand-Painted Pedal Pre-Owned

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Rare hand-painted ZVEX Lo-Fi Loop! Hard-wired power cord edition. 2010 model. Excellent condition. Please note, no original box included.

A 20-second analog phrase-sampling looper with very low fidelity, frequency response that cuts off at 2.6 kHz, brick-wall compression, hiss, distortion, and a warped-record vibrato feature that makes your guitar sound like an ancient radio transmission, but your direct guitar sounds especially sparkly.

  • Volume:  Gets really loud if you need it.

  • Tone: Cuts noise and distortion. Makes the final sound of the loop rolled off and organ-like if necessary.

  • Rec: Record volume. You can decide how loud to drive the recorder... to overdrive if you like.

  • Vibrato depth: Adjust for the level of pitch twisting that makes you happy. Vibrato speed. Adjust for the speed that spins the sound around in a way that fits the music
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