Acoustic Guitars Masaru Matano Classe 500 Classical Guitar Made in Japan 1975 Pre-Owned

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A beautifully articulate and loud classical from legendary Japanese luthier Masaru Matano. These early Japanese classical are highly sought after for their artisanal build quality and relative affordability. They were hand crafted in a small workshop in Kurume, Japan. Many of the associates of Mr Matano (known as 'the genius of sound' in Japan) have gone on to be revered luthiers in their own right; Matsuoka, Tamura, Kodaira and others. 

This particular instrument is in very good shape. There is some minor clouding in the finish on the back of the guitar and some obvious crude repairs to the finish on the top of the guitar. The guitar is in excellent shape structurally and sounds wonderful. There are a few minor dings in the top but nothing major. If you're looking for a special classical guitar that won't break the bank then look no further.

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