Effects Wampler/Brent Mason Hotwired Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Pre-Owned

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Excellent condition pedal with original box!

All-analog circuit is masterfully built with clean soldering and expertly routed wiring. For this new version, Wampler simplified the layout of the Hot Wired design to make it easier to adjust both channels on the fly. The Pedal groups each channel’s controls in a block rather than in a horizontal array like the original version—making it much easier to quickly identify and manipulate controls for their respective channel. Each channel also has separate 3-way low-mid boost switches that enable you to select from two distinct ranges that can radically alter performance of the tone control (the normal position bypasses the boost). Thinner-sounding guitars benefit from the fatter setting, which enables you to boost low end while using the tone knob to dial in high-end snap—all without the low-end cut that you often experience from higher settings on a single dedicated tone control.

The first channel also now includes a very handy blend knob for mixing a dry signal with the first channel’s overdrive tones. As with the original Hot Wired, both channels can be engaged separately or stacked together for supremely meaty and saturated sounds.

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