Amplifiers Vox AC30CC2 30W 2x12 Valve Combo Amplifier Pre-Owned

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Good condition Vox AC30 at a great price!

The all tube, 30 watt amp featured a baltic birch enclosure with all the classic Vox cosmetic touches: basket weave vinhyde, brown Vox diamond grill (or fret) cloth, gold piping. gold plated logo, gold grill molding, white grill piping, three Vox handles, and eight black plastic two pin corners.
The AC30CC2 utilised two 12" Vox Wharfedale GSH-1230-8 eight ohm speakers, wired in series to sixteen ohms and designed to tonally resemble the famous "green back" speaker frequently used by Vox from the 70s through the 90s.
A two button VF002 foot switch was included with this amp to actuate the reverb and tremolo.
Vox discontinued the AC30CC2 in January, 2010.
he AC-30 Custom Classic amps have two channels, Normal and Top Boost. Each channel has one input jack.
A small toggle switch called "Input Link" alllows you to combine these channels. Many have linked channels with short jumper cables on older AC-30s, but chief Vox engineer Steve Grindsrod designed this feature right into the new AC-30 Custom Classic amps.
In the 1960s, Vox offered three versions of the AC-30 for guitarists. They were the AC-30 "Normal," the AC-30 "Treble," and the AC-30 Top Boost.
Next to the volume control for the Normal channel on the new AC-30 CC amps is a small toggle switch.
When the switch is flipped to "Brilliance," this channel takes on the tonal characteristics of a 1964 JMI Vox AC-30 "Treble" amp.
When the switch is flipped down, the amp takes on the tonal characteristics of a 1964 AC-30 "Normal" or standard amp.
Move an inch or two to the right on the control panel, and you are at the Top Boost channel on the new Vox AC-30 Custom Classic amplifier.'
The Top Boost channel on the AC-30 features that brilliant tone so popular in early Beatle recordings.
Just as on the 1964 JMI Vox AC-30, there are separate treble and bass controls. There is also a toggle switch that allows one to select between "standard" and "custom" EQ settings.
In the standard position, the tone controls work exactly as they worked on a 1964 JMI Vox AC-30 Top Boost amp. By selecting the "Custom" position, the tonal circuitry is reconfigured to the tone circuitry of the highly desired and legendary Vox AC-30HW hand wired limited edition series of amplifiers from 2003.

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