Amplifiers Victory Amplification Sheriff 22 Plexi Style Amp Head

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This valve driven head gives you a classic vintage crunch with 2 independent volume channels, which you can switch between with a footswitch. Channel 1 is your standard Plexi sound meanwhile Channel 2 has the effect of a dimed old Plexi that jumped both channels for a surprising amount of gain.

0.5w Mode

When using the regular speaker out this amplifier is running at the full 22w but you also have a separate output with less than 1w of power for use at home. This keeps all of the same amazing sound but lets you use it at any volume.

The inspiration begins with classic ‘plexi’ sounds and feel for traditional rock styles, but goes further on to hot-rodded, heavy rock gain tones for which chief designer, Martin Kidd, is so well renowned.

Pictured on Victory 1x12 cabinet, available separately.


  • Format: All-valve head with two channels
  • Power: 22 watts RMS
  • Valves: 4 x 12AX7, 2 x EL84,
  • Features: Independent Volume 1 & Volume II channels with separate inputs. Series effects loop, 22w and 0.5w outputs.
  • Padded carry bag included.
  • Size (mm): 342(w) x 185(h) x 185(d)
  • Weight: 6.5kg
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