Effects Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme Pedal

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The Steel String Supreme (SSS) is an expanded version of our standard Steel String MKII, transforming it into a full-fledged amplifier circuit. The SSS is a 100% analog solid state preamplifier in-a-box with an independent EQ section and five additional tone-shaping controls beyond it's little brother, the Steel String MKII. The SSS is designed to go direct (DI) into your mixer/inter-face, OR into your digital modeling amplifier (ex. Kemper, Line 6, Headrush) to impart "tube" warmth and transients, OR in front of your tube amplifier.

No matter how you run it, the SSS delivers on its heritage, bringing the 3D clean
and edge-of-breakup tones we expect from a D–style amplifier.


  • OUTPUT – first gain stage level which adjusts the saturation on the input
  • FAT – controls lower midrange thickness and body
  • CLEAN – parallel parallel blend of clean and affected signal
  • BRIGHT/DEEP switch – treble boost in up position, neutral in middle position (bypass), bass boost in down position


  • LEVEL – master volume
  • FILTER – adjusts midrange focus between 800Hz and 1.2Khz
  • GAIN – controls saturation and amount of overdrive in the circuit
  • ROCK/JAZZ switch – Jazz shifts Q of the low end, middle is neutral (bypass), Rock shifts the Q of the treble


  • Controls – Output, Fat, Clean, Level, Filter, Gain, Bright/Deep switch, Jazz/Rock switch
  • Jacks – Input, Output, Power
  • Power – 8.0 to 9.8VDC negative tip polarity 2.1mm barrel
  • Current – ~20mA
  • Input Z – 2.2M ohms
  • Output Z – 10K ohms
  • Dimensions – 117 x 82 x 46mm
  • Weight – 0.55kg
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