Electric Guitars Tokai RG43 Rebelrocker 6 string Pre-Owned

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Pre-Owned in excellent condition!

It's no secret that Tokai Gakki Japan make copies/clones of the most famous American guitars of the 20th Century. In the 1970's they were one of the major players in the so-called 'lawsuit' era, when Japan was making cheeky yet remarkably accurate copies of vintage Fender and Gibson guitars, whilst those companys were languishing under corporate ownership and cost-cutting exercises that had seen their appeal diminish.

Tokai turned their attention also to Rickenbacker, the American Electric Guitar pioneer, making remarkably accurate copies of their more iconic models, and RIC were not best pleased. To this day, it is very rare to see Rickenbacker copies in the United States where RIC rightfully guard their trademarks much more stringently that Fender of Gibson ever did.

These modern-day Tokai copies are found in proliferation through Europe and Japan, and thankfully so, as RIC, being essentially a low-volume boutique manufacturer, turn out comparatively few guitars per year and even fewer are made to export. This leaves the RIC lover in Australia very low of options. To buy brand new, if you can find someone who's importing them, will cost you in excess of $3000. Not a small spend. However, it has to be said, even from a regular player (and devotee) of Rickenbacker instruments, that these Tokai guitars are astonishingly close, aesthetically, sonically and from the perspective of sheer playability, and for a quarter of the price.

Branded 'RebelRocker' in Australia, due to the exceedingly cheeky European branding 'Rockinbetter' not being used here in Aus (can't think why...), these guitars represent a serious option for the lover of that signature RIC tone. Has to be heard to be believed.

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