Effects Stone Deaf FX Tremotron Analog Tremolo Pedal

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The Tremotron is the tremolo pedal musicians have been begging and searching for, for ages!

It offers the warm pulsating analog tremolo tones known from high-class amplifiers, but adds unprecedented digital control, letting you run up to two different tremolos at the same time, both with varying shape, depth and rates for syncopated rhythmic patterns that are just out of this world! Now add full expression and MIDI-control to the mix, for on the fly parameter changes and preset switching and you’ve got a tremolo pedal that will rock your world for years to come.

    •    All-analog tremolo circuit
for warm and lush pulsating tones

    •    Run 2 different tremolos simultaneously
for a world of syncopated patterns

    •    Digitally controlled
take control of parameters via expression and MIDI

    •    Store presets
4 on-board presets and up to 128 via MIDI

    •    Tap tempo and tap divisions
for precise pulses in time with your music

    •    Top-mounted I/O 

    •    Handmade in the UK


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