Electric Guitars Steinberger Synapse TranScale Solidbody Electric Guitar Black Pre-Owned

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Pre-Owned in very good condition with some minor signs of wear. Gigbag included.

CybroSonic™ Technology: Combines our patented the Steinberger Graphite U-channel with a truss rod to create an ultra-stable yet adjustable "hybred" neckwith the same definition, clarity and focus you've come to expect from Steinberger but with the added "warmth" of a 1-piece hard maple neck.

Combo™ Headpiece: The functional advantage of Steinberger's headless concept dramatically improves balance, ease of tuning and tuning stability. All Steinberger guitars feature the patented Double-Ball™ tuning system that allows string changes in seconds. The Combo Headpiece accommodates both Double- Ball and single-ball strings.

Phenolic Fingerboard: Much harder and more durable than wood, this ultra-stable composite material works in conjunction with our CybroSonic technology to give the Synapse guitar consistent feel and sustain as well as brilliant harmonics with no dead spots. Each note seems to jump off the fingerboard for that dynamic "live" quality that identifies the Steinberger sound.

TranScale™ Integrated Capo (TranScale Only): Another first from Steinberger. With the patented TranScale Capo in the "resting" position, the Synapse is a 28.5" scale guitar with thundering bass and complex baritone voicings. Roll the Capo up and you can change scale length "on the fly" creating completely new and unique voicings and tonal qualities. Experiment with different string gauges for even more possibilities.

The patented strap hook allows the Synapse to hang in the optimum position on your body while maintaining perfect balance.

Custom Active Electronics: Developed in cooperation with EMG, the Synapse combines EMG-81 and EMG-85 Low-Z pickups with an active EQ system available only on Synapse guitars. The results are clean, warm and powerful sound with full band frequency response that compliments the natural brilliance and clarity of the Synapse. High signal-to-noise ratio (-85dvB) makes them hum-free which is especially important in today's recording environment.

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