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Excellent condition half-rack Stereo Chorus/Delay. *please note, you are only buying the Rockman module and not other modules listed in the photo)


There are tenth of chorus effects and dozens of delays on the market. But there is no other device like the Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay.

Its sonic quality is outstanding, and the features of this half-rack makes it truly different from any other device. One may think that the unit is a classic chorus and delay, packed inside the same enclosure.

It is actually a chorus or a delay: it was done on purpose, thus making the Rockman Chorus/Delay a complete space-maker, rather than one more effect machine.

Objective and history

If you have read in details the section called Rockman - The concept, you know what a chorus is made for, and you also know the role of a slight delay during a recording process.

Both of them are here to switch from the dry mono sound provided by a guitar to a stereo sound, a sound with air and depth.

That's the objective of the Chorus/Delay: it can provide the classic doubling effect of a chorus, that simulates the presence of two guitars playing together, but as a delay, it can also give dynamics and depth by using very short echo sounds (within the 200ms range).

The Chorus/Delay was issued with the Sustainor 100, in January 1986. This second blue-face Rockmodule was produced until the last quarter of 1987, and was replaced by two units: the Rockman Stereo Chorus and the Rockman Stereo Echo. These new items didn't make the Chorus/delay obsolete - just different.


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