Electric Guitars Reverend Contender 290 Midnight Black PF Pre-Owned

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Pre-Owned in excellent condition! Very light use, presents in near-new condition. High quality Reverend Set-Neck build!

Classically Retro Solidbody with Premium Appointments

Reverend’s Contender 290 is a flat-top solidbody electric guitar that leverages a stunning mix of retro design and modern reliability. Boasting a single-cut korina body and a rosewood fingerboard, this guitar is a true head turner, from the 6-in-line headstock right down to the custom low-profile dome knobs. The Contender 290 sounds stellar, as well, thanks to two Reverend 9A5 pickups and a bass roll-off knob, a treble bleed, and a resonant chamber beneath the pickguard. You’ll benefit from the ability to contour the low end of the Contender 290’s tone with ease while maintaining a clear, bright treble when adjusting the volume. A Boneite nut and pin-lock tuners will keep you in tune, and an easily accessible dual-action truss rod lets you adjust the neck’s bow. Upgraded internal electronics like ±10% pots and caps and a Pure Tone cable jack give you high-end consistency and reliability while playing.

Custom pickup voicing and tone preservation

The Contender 290 will positively knock you out with its tone. It features Reverend’s custom 9A5 pickups at the bridge and the neck, delivering a striking midrange sound with all the adjustability you could ask for. Designed separately for each position, you’ll love how the 9A5s facilitate solid volume and tone balance without losing any edge when you switch between the two. An added chamber beneath the pickguard increases resonance, while also reducing weight. Contour as much or as little low-end tone as you want with the bass roll-off knob, which revokes your pickups to exude the full presence of a humbucker or the twang of a single-coil. Additionally, the Contender 290 is wired with a treble bleed circuit that helps to maintain your bright tones when you lower the volume.

Reliable high-end electronics

You’ll find just as much quality in the internal electronics as you’ll find from an outside glance of the Contender 290. Reverend’s rule of thumb is ±10% when it comes to their polyester caps and alpha control pots. This level of engineering is normally found on boutique guitars, but it’s a standard for every Reverend guitar, including the Contender 290. Another Reverend staple is an upgraded jack by Pure Tone Technologies, built dependably with two contacts that provide a better overall grip and a reliable signal.

  • Offset korina body offers a lighter weight and great tonal consistency
  • Strategic chamber beneath pickguard to increase resonance and reduce weight
  • Custom 9A5 neck and bridge pickups, providing quality volume and tone balance
  • Bass Contour knob and treble bleed circuit for pickup voicing and bright tone preservation when reducing volume
  • Boneite nut and pin-lock tuners to increase tuning stability
  • Custom low-profile dome knobs allow for more maneuverability across the top
  • Easily accessible dual-action truss rod enables simple bow adjustment
  • Custom laser-engraved and reinforced jack plate to reduce tear from body
  • Standard ±10% poly caps and control pots for high-end consistency
  • Upgraded Pure Tone jack offers better overall grip and a reliable signal
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