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Premium-quality, 1960’s-style FET compressorwith transformer output stage

The original, large-format Cali76 compressor with high-spec transformer output stage and balanced line out, optimised for guitar, bass and studio use. Strictly limited run of 400 units (200 TX and 200 TX-L).

When Origin launched the Cali76 back in 2012, it was, and still is, like nothing else on the market. With its large, brushed aluminium enclosure, studio-grade circuitry and astonishingly transparent sound, the Cali76 broke the mould in every department.

The Cali76-TX features a custom-wound iron core transformer designed to subtly saturate and add extra harmonic complexity at higher gain levels. Meanwhile, the Cali76-TX-L features a high-end Lundahl transformer, offering the ultra-linear performance, transparent low end and flat phase response that many users prefer for use in the studio and on bass guitar.

Both pedals also feature a 12-stage LED gain reduction meter, a balanced line-level/DI output, and a high/low gain switch – useful for pushing the transformer harder.


  • OUTPUT – overall output level
  • INPUT/COMP – sets how much signal passes the threshold and is compressed
  • RATIO – sets the amount of attenuation from anywhere between 4:1 and 20:1
  • ATTACK – determines the time taken for the compressor to react to the presence of a signal
  • RELEASE – sets the duration of gain reduction before recovering to no compression
  • GAIN – pushes the transformer into saturated overdrive
  • PAD – drops the signal from LINE/DI output by around 28dB
  • GND – disconnects the ground connection to solve ground-loop-related issues
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