Amplifiers Strauss SRT15 15w Valve Combo Ltd Ed Gloss Timber Finish

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Strauss valve amplification represents a slice of Australian Rock history.

The story begins in the early sixties when John Woodhead & Gary Nessel came together to form the Strauss Company in Melbourne, Australia. Production of Strauss amplifiers began in 62, with a variety of power amps and cabinets becoming available to the local Melbourne market. 

Strauss can be seen on stage at many major music events across the country, such as Sunbury Rock Festival - to Australia what Woodstock was to America. Many notable Australian artists have used the sonic power of Strauss Amplifiers over the past four decades, one such Rock and Roll icon was Billy Thorpe who used the ‘thrust’ of the 300w Warrior amp to send the message that he was the loudest in the land….by far.

Today, Strauss amplifiers are distributed exclusively by Jade Australia.

The Strauss story continues in the present day with new ranges of modern and innovative amplifier designs, one such model is the Strauss SRT-15-CHFG 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier. The SRT-15-CHFG is a dual channel valve amplifier with in-built Spring Reverb and Tremolo and it sure packs a punch for such a compact and portable unit.

It features two Ruby Tubes EL84 output valves, two Ruby Tubes 12AX7 preamp valves, and is fitted with a high quality Eminence 10’’ speaker. The top panel features dual inputs, volume, tone, tremolo speed, tremolo intensity, reverb intensity, power light, as well as an on/off switch.

The SRT-15-CHFG has been designed with all forms of musician in mind, from the serious gigging musician to the bedroom rock and roll star. It has the capabilities to keep up with the rest of the band while on stage or can be kept at home as your practice amp. The tonal landscape of the SRT-15-CHFG ranges from deep shimmering ambience to dirty low down blues, the tonal possibilities make the SRT-15-CHFG the perfect amp for your studio as well; whether you are a professional or a home recording enthusiast, the SRT-15-CHFG will be able to fulfil your recording needs. 

Two different channels allows for even more options from the SRT-15-CHFG, with Input 1 being the Normal input while Input 2 provides a high-frequency boost, resulting in a brighter, punchier sound than Input 1.  

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