Amplifiers Orange Rocker 15 1x10 2-Channel Valve Combo

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Capable of 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts of output, the Rocker 15 will deliver pure tube tone wherever your music takes you. The clever Headroom / Bedroom switch plus full and
half power modes means this amp moves seemlessly between the bedroom, the studio and the stage, without compromise. You might say owning a Rocker 15 is like having three-amps-in-one. 

With a gutsy bottom end and a crisp, bell-like chime, Orange’s new highly efficient 10’’ Voice of the World Gold Label speaker makes the most of every available Watt. The result is maximum projection from this portable combo. 

For the best possible tone and durability, the Rocker 15 uses the same beefy custom transformers found in Orange’s iconic Terror Series amps. Inside, Orange has opted for proper hand-soldered flying leads over cheaper, less reliable plastic connector blocks. The chassis-mounted switchgear is secured to a 2mm steel enclosure and housed in a sturdy 18mm plywood cabinet. 

When Orange say ‘all-tube’, they really mean it. Even the Rocker’s effects loops are tube-buffered, while the output stage is powered by EL84s. These amps love to be kicked in the front end with overdrives and boost pedals for classic British saturation.

The ‘Natural’ channel features just one control: Volume. Voiced for absolute transparency, this channel really brings out the subtle nuances of different guitars, pickups and pedals. Quite literally, you get out what you put in. The ‘Dirty’ channel has a more traditional look with Gain, Master Volume and a three band EQ, spanning from crystal clean through various shades of British grit. 

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