Amplifiers Darkglass Microtubes M500 Bass Amplifier Head

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Microtubes 500 - Massive Tone For The Masses

It's been an extraordinary year since the first Microtubes 900 was made. The goal was to develop a unique bass amplifier with no compromises: distinctive sonic characteristics, unparalleled flexibility, ludicrously powerful and beautifully designed. The strategy was to have a high performance, high value creation that bassists around the world could desire and aspire to own.

Most thought the Microtubes 900 was the culmination of our master plan, when in reality it was only the first step. 2000 units later -plus some tricks learned- and we are ready for step two: bringing the same tone, flexibility, design plus a few new features to the masses.
It's our pleasure to introduce the Microtubes 500!

At 500 Watts RMS, a more compact and lighter format, the Microtubes 500 is a more affordable option for bass players that don’t require the sheer power the Microtubes 900 offers while maintaining the same tone, flexibility and quality design of its predecessor.

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