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Pre-Owned in excellent condition. Box included.

No More Sync Issues With This Reliable And Versatile MIDI Master Clock

The Midronome is a synchronisation device for electronic musicians. It will set the tempo on electronic instruments and ensure they are tightly in sync with:

  • MIDI sequencers
  • Modular synths
  • Recording software (DAW)
  • Acoustic instruments

Record Hardware Synths On the Grid

Simply sync the Midronome to your DAW with our plugin and use it to record your hardware synths. No need to adjust the recordings afterwards, as they will be sync’ed at sample-rate precision!

Use it Live with its Built-In Metronome

Get the musicians in time by using the built-in metronome, tightly sync’ed to the MIDI Clock. The device is perfect for live usage, with its solid metal case and large knob.


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