Effects Maxon 1964T Astrotone Delay Pedal RARE Pre-Owned

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"The ultimate custom analog delay "Astro-echo" now available!
Compact looks like a thick, warm tones such as tape echo pursued a distinctive soft depth echo-sound the ultimate custom analog delay effect. High-quality, with a strong presence in natural stone, our many professional guitarists, to development cooperation also praised! feedback-repeat (infinite oscillation) are free!

The ultimate compact echo effects, clear tone less thick and overwhelming sound pressure and distortion in digital effects get a good push that image of a warm echo sand Al Schmid's traditional rock, cannot be realized!
Al Schmitt's, from the ' 60s in the ' 80s, worked on astronauts, Jefferson, air Blaine, George Benson, Steely Dan, TOTO, name recording engineer & producer.

Cascade completed sound check with a lot of ability of professional musicians, real professional-model.
-Excellent sound the tone character of the original sound that analog circuits of made-in-Japan's natural sound.
In the presence of clear and not blurry image when using effects such as distortion and at the same time, it also can sound.
And can be excellent delay sound using high-performance bbd that get extreme feedback, get the outgoing sound effects."
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