Amplifiers Marshall 2550 JCM25/50 Silver Jubilee Anniversary Head Vintage

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Original vintage 1987 Marshall 2550 JCM25/50 Silver Jubilee 'Anniversary' Amplifier Head - made to commemorate 25 years of Marshall Amplification. Features distinctive silver/grey tolex and mirror faceplates.

One of the most collectable, and finest sounding Marshall Amps. This is the 2550 model (50 watts). A 100 Watt version was also produced. Amazing tone and history. Jim Marshall himself called it one of the better amps he ever made. The output is switchable to 25 and 50 watt, to make it also suitable for playing at home. These amps are known for their "signature sound," that Slash GNR crunch. Also frequented by Joe Bonamassa on his earlier work - one of his favourite amps.

This particular amp shows many small nicks and marks in the vinyl from it's 30 year life, and has seen some gigs.

Includes 30 day warranty.

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