Effects Jetter Red Square Twin Channel Overdrive Pedal Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned in excellent condition - one of our old shop favourites! Great sounding 2 channel drive pedal.

"The Red Square was a pedal that I procrastinated in building for quite some time. I had received many requests to incorporate the Red Shift into a dual pedal. What finally got me to do it was a request from an guitarist that I admire and respect tremendously. When I told him my idea, he simply told that I need to “Get this pedal done! Now!”

The Red Square concept is simple: Combine a Red Shift and a Helium in an enclosure the size of the Jetdrive. I have always felt that the Helium is a perfect stacking pedal and with the Red Shift, it is simply amazing. It is a seamless integration that just keeps providing tone, tone and more tone!

The Red Shift Side
When the Red/Shift is in the Red position, the pedal is operating 100% as it’s predecessor, the Gain Stage Red. Flip the switch to Shift and a complete re-voicing of the pedal takes place. We incorporated all the goodness of the fat, woody and aggressive tone of the Gain Stage Purple–in other words, voiced like a vintage aluminum panel Super Lead.

The Helium Side
The primary design goal of the Helium was to achieve a natural, organic low-gain performance . Specifically, we tweaked the Helium with more harmonic contrast and we squeezed a bit more piano-like bass performance out of it. The Helium allows the guitar signal to be reproduced with startling transparency without sterility or stridency."

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