Electric Guitars Ibanez 540R Black Pre-Owned with Hardshell Case

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The Ibanez 540R is part of Ibanez' Radius series introduced in 1987. It was part of Ibanez' Roadstar Pro series alongside the 540P (Power) and the 540S (Saber) models. The Ibanez 540R is therefore also known as the Ibanez PRO540R. The guitar features a very distinguished body form. The contoured body shape is beveled around the outside edge also called the aerofoil edge, which pulls the body closer to the player for comfort in playing. From 1987-1989 the electronics featured 1 volume knob, 1 tone pot with coiltap and 3 on/off switches for each pickup. This changed in 1988 to 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob and a 5 way switch. From 1990 the 21st fret featured the inlay "Custom Made". Other features are:

  • Tilt neck joint
  • Ibanez Ultra neck
  • Ibanez Edge tremolo then the Ibanez Lo Pro Edge from 1991
  • DiMarzio Ibanez codesigned pickups
  • Toplok III locking nut
  • Made in Japan

The Radius series including the Ibanez 540R are the basis for Joe Satriani's signature guitars. 

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