Effects Hudson Electronics Broadcast Dual Drive Pedal - Limited Edition Black

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Exclusive to The Rock Inn! We custom ordered this limited edition 'stealth' run of Hudson Electronics Broadcast Dual Drives - featuring black enclosure, black faceplate with black graphics, and black Marconi style knobs. Limited quantities available!

We have made the gain mode (LOW or HIGH) selectable via the right hand foot switch (the green LED indicates when the pedal is in HIGH gain mode). Each mode its own LEVEL control and in addition, the pedal has two internal trimmerthat allow you to fine tune the amount of gain each mode has.

The Broadcast is a transformer coupled, discrete Class­A germanium pre­amplifier based on the classic broadcast consoleof the 1960s. In the low­gain setting, the Broadcast can cover everything from sparkling clean boost through to transparent overdrive, all with a healthy dose of volume available to push your amp. The Broadcast features a speciallselected Triad steel­core transformer and a NOS germanium transistor. Advancing the gain on the Broadcast starts to saturate the transformer and the pedal’s discrete circuitry, giving rise to a gentle and dynamic compression coupled with subtle thickening of the midrange. With the gain switch in the high setting and the trim control wound up, the Broadcasstarts to deliver heavier distorted sounds with a warm and fuzzy edge to them. The Broadcast covers a wide range of driven and distorted tones whilst remaining dynamic, responding well to pick attack and the subtle nuances of everplayer. 



Hand selected NOS Germanium transistor

Specially chosen TRIAD Magnetics steel­core transformer

BI Technologies potentiometers

Lumberg jack sockets (rated for >5000 cycles)

Heavy duty Alpha foot switches (rated for >30,000 cycles)

LEFT FOOT SWITCH – Bypasses the pedal (red LED indicates the pedal is active)

RIGHT FOOT SWITCH – Toggles between LOW and HIGH gain modes (green LED indicates HIGH gain mode iselected)

LEVEL LOW – Controls the volume of the pedal in LOW gain mode

LEVEL HIGH – Controls the volume of the pedal in HIGH gain mode

GAIN TRIM – Controls the gain level (both in LOW and HIGH gain modes) of the Broadcast (at higher settings the high-end of the signal is gently rolled off)

LOW CUT – Attenuates the low­end of the Broadcast (since this control lies at the front end of the Broadcast’s circuitry, it is interactive with the gain controls)

INTERNAL TRIMMERSSets the total amount of gain available in each mode.

DC SOCKET – The Broadcast requires a DC power supply unit (PSU) and can run at voltages between 9v and 24v; running the Broadcast at 18v or 24v gives it more headroom, output level and clarity. This is great for use with bass or when using the Broadcast as a clean pre­amp boost.

The Broadcast requires a DC power supply unit (PSU). Please ensure your PSU can supply between 9v and 24v, a minimum current of 20mA and has a 2.1mm negative centre barrel plug. Any other type may damage your pedal. If you plan on sharing the same PSU with other pedals, we recommend using a PSU with isolated outputs, e.g. Voodoo Labs


CURRENT DRAW – 20mA maximum

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