Electric Guitars Gretsch G2655T-P90 Streamliner Jr Double Cutaway with Bigsby Mint Metallic

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Double-cut Semi-hollow with P-90 Pickups and a Bigsby Trem

If you love the sound of a gained-up P-90, then you're sure to love everything the Gretsch G2655T-P90 Streamliner Center Block Jr. has to offer. This double-cut semi-hollow's FideliSonic 90 pickups take the classic P-90 formula and add a distinct top-end sparkle and bite that help rhythms and leads cut through a mix like never before. And though these pickups effortlessly push amplifiers into overdrive, the G2655T-P90's spruce center block in the body resists feedback at loud volumes. On the performance side of things, an anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge with a Bigsby B50 translate to great sustain and expressive vibrato control. Together with its bold pickups and eye-catching curves, the Gretsch G2655T-P90 Streamliner Center Block Jr. is a wonderful blend of old-school personality and modern tonal dexterity.

Classic Gretsch appearance

The G2655T-P90 Streamliner Center Block Jr. sticks close to what has made Gretsch guitars so desirable over the years. A pair of F-holes divulges the guitar's semi-hollowbody construction, with a thinline body that is very comfortable to play for longer gigs. The G2655T-P90 is also decorated with vintage-vibed, 2-ply white-and-black binding that wraps the entire instrument. And the chrome hardware and pearloid block inlays ensure the G2655T-P90 will look as great onstage as it does hanging up in Sweetwater's Music Store.

Screamin' P-90 tone

The G2655T-P90 Streamliner Center Block Jr. blends vintage-style construction with a modern electronics package to deliver looks and tones that'll inspire a new breed of Gretsch player. The semi-hollowbody design adds warmth and clarity to the guitar's tone. But make no mistake: when cranked, the high-output FideliSonic 90 pickups deliver screaming tone when you need to cut through a mix. Feedback is kept nicely under control via the body's spruce center block.

Thoughtfully built with the player in mind

Gretsch's G2655T-P90 Streamliner Center Block Jr. plays and feels every bit as good as it sounds. Its Thin "U"-neck profile is round enough that chording remains comfortable in all positions, while being thin enough to facilitate fleet-fingered single-note runs. The thinline, double-cutaway construction is comfortable against your body, and it gives you unimpeded access to the guitar's highest frets. And the controls have even been thoughtfully laid out to not interfere with your picking hand technique.

Gretsch G2655T-P-90 Streamliner Center Block Jr. Features:

  • Double-cutaway semi-hollowbody guitar with high-output pickups
  • Loaded with 2 single-coil FideliSonic 90 pickups
  • Adds a distinct top-end bite to the classic P-90 formula
  • Semi-hollow construction adds warmth while resisting feedback
  • Anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge and Bigsby B50 supply great sustain and expressive vibrato control
  • Thin "U"-neck profile is comfortable
  • Vintage-style ornamentation

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