Acoustic Guitars Furch D33 Vintage Series Dreadnought Rosewood Acoustic

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• Hand Crafted European Guitar

• Straight acoustic version (pic shows 2 soundhole controls, this version has no controls)

• Hard Case

• Spruce/Rosewood – All Solid timbers!

Hand Crafted European Guitar
Furch guitars are steeped in history. When Frantisek Furch first started making guitars in 1981, private enterprise was repressed by the communist government of his native Czechoslovakia. However, that didn’t stop Frantisek from honing his craft, he simply took to his garage to make his guitars in secret. The renegade luthier – what a story!

The secrecy stopped in 1989 following the velvet revolution. Furch guitars opened their first factory with just one employee in the newly formed Czech Republic. Fast forward more than 30 years and Furch guitars are amongst the finest in the world.

The D20 is one such example. Line 20 provides a minimalistic design with maximum sound features. The body is made from all solid materials and an Open-pore coating gives this model a deeper, more natural sound of Western Red Cedar top and African Mahogany back and sides.

The D20 has great body and warmth, and as with all of the millennium series guitars, the neck is a great shape and really comfortable to play. If you’re looking for a gigging workhorse or an upgrade from your beginner guitar – this would be a great next step. It has a great build quality and sounds and plays wonderfully.

LR Bagg’s Element Active system
Here at the Acoustic Inn, we love the LR Bagg’s pick up system. We highly recommend it to any player looking for a world class pick up system that doesn’t colour the tone of your guitar but really just shows off it’s natural tonal beauty.

So you can imagine how excited we were to discover that Furch include these pick up systems as an option on all of their guitars. It’s a classy and discreet addition – you’d hardly know it was there at a glance! With two controls in the sound hole (volume, tone) and an endpin jack it’s simplistic yet powerful!

Hiscox Hard Case
Made in the UK to professional standards, this lightweight molded Hardcase usually retails for $299 on it’s own! But each of these guitars comes with one included!

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