Acoustic Guitars Furch 2018 Limited Edition Alpine Spruce/Blackwood Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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This top-notch solid wood guitar made of Alpine spruce and Tasmanian Blackwood amazes with its strong, warm, and harmonically rich sound with slightly pronounced midrange frequencies and beautiful delicate look accented by a number of elegant details.

Features precision craftsmanship and top-drawer acoustic qualities, courtesy of a unique design and proprietary construction technologies, such as soundboard voicing, ultra-thin, highly consistent finish, flawless robotic polishing, and a revolutionary guitar neck design known as the Furch CNR System.

The premium nature of Furch 2018 Limited Edition guitars is underscored by the fact that the soundboard is tuned using the voicing process, which enhances the guitar's tonal properties to the highest level. Thanks to that, Furch 2018 Limited Edition guitars have a crystalline clear, harmonically rich, balanced, and highly dynamic sound across the entire tonal spectrum.

Furch 2018 Limited Edition guitars are protected by our proprietary Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish, which has been developed to enhance the guitar's tonal qualities. The finish consists of an ultrathin layer of highly resistant lacquer that provides excellent surface protection and accentuates the structure of the wood at the same time.

The stunning appearance of Furch 2018 Limited Edition guitars is underscored by a number of details made of African padauk. This exotic wood is featured in the body, headstock, and fingerboard binding with a white contrasting line, soundboard inlay, and bold ring rosette with black and white contrasting lines.

A high precision dual-action truss rod maintains neck stability and allows fine adjustments of the neck relief in both directions. The truss rod is installed in a carbon casing filled with silicone to prevent undesirable vibrations and to ensure smooth action.

White pearl side position markers combined with unconventional rectangular fingerboard inlays made from padauk improve fingerboard orientation and enhance the guitar's exclusive appearance.

Furch 2018 Limited Edition guitars have an excellent tuning stability courtesy of Gotoh Gold Patina machine heads with polished ebony buttons and a highly precise 1:21 gear ratio.

Maximum protection during transport is provided by a high-rigidity Hiscox case with polyurethane insulating foam that shields the instrument from changes in external climatic conditions.


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