Acoustic Guitars Framus Hollowbody 12511 Circa 1950's Made in Germany Pre-Owned

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Excellent condition for it's age! Appears to be very rare as there isn't a lot of available information out there on this model. Comes with hardcase which appears to be original.

Recent professional neck repair to a crack in the headstock, and there appears to have been another repair done some time in the past to the base of the neck. The guitar is very solid now as all repairs have been of good quality.

5 original tuning washers, all tuning pegs have been replaced by open-gear tuners.

Very appealing crazing on the finish especially around the sides of the body.

Perloid fret inlays - 12th fret inlay has been replaced.

Pickguard is missing.

Cutaway design grants access to all 21 frets.


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