Effects Fractal Audio FM3 Amp Modeler & FX Processor Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned in very good condition, original box not included.

"The FM3 takes some of the most advanced technologies in our lineup and packs them into a “grab-and-go” format that’s ruggedly built to withstand the rigors of gigging and touring. With the FM3, you get the same ultra-high-quality signal path and algorithms that you’ll find in our flagship AxeFx III, plus popular features like scenes, channels, modifiers, grid-based routing, “FC” footswitch layouts, USB recording/re-amping/playback, setlist/song mode, and much more. The FM3 is even expandable via a FASLINK II port that can support up to two FC controllers for up to 24 additional footswitches, giving you even more control over your sound. What truly sets the FM3 apart is its unique combination of sonic performance, flexibility, and fun. Whether you’re a guitar hero playing in front of thousands of fans or a weekend warrior jamming in your basement, the FM3 delivers the legendary Fractal Audio experience in a backpack-sized unit (with space to spare!). It’s easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that let you quickly focus on music instead of manuals."

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