Amplifiers Marshall VBA400 Valve Bass Amplifier Full Stack Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned Marshall VBA400 Valve Bass monster stack!

Includes the VBA400 head, with matching 8x10 cabinet. Good working condition. Has been gigged, and the vinyl shows fair wear and tear on the back - missing in places. Generally good condition overall besides this.

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On consignment - seller currently wishes to sell as a set.

The VBA400 gives you 400 Watts of Marshall valve power courtesy of 12 valves. A very cosy 8 x 6550 power valves, 3 x ECC83 classic Marshall pre-amp valves and 1 x ECC82 valve. Marshall didn't want to dilute any of this natural valve tone quality by incorporating unnecessary features and controls, so only the essential front panel controls have been included. That said, the VBA400's 3-band EQ network for Bass, Middle and Treble has been designed so that it offers you all the tonal adjustment you'll need. Plus, this tone network can be totally changed by means of the 3-position Contour switch.

Product Specs

  • Item Number: 9278
  • Make: Marshall
  • Model: VBA400
  • Condition: Good
  • Finish: Black
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