Amplifiers Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Pre-Owned 40w 1x12" Wine Red Valve Combo

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Pre-owned in excellent condition! Lovely Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Limited Edition, finished in Wine Red, with Wheat Grill cloth, comes equipped with a 12" Celestion® G12P-80speaker.

With bottom-end headroom characteristic of 6L6 tubes and a versatile all-12AX7 tube preamp, the Hot Rod Deluxe III amp offers luscious Fender spring reverb, an effects loop, and more. many consider this amp the World standard for gigging guitarists...with this speaker upgrade it's ready for a touring professional.

The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp also packs these upgrades: easy-view black control panel with front-reading text, new badge, streamlined footswitch, graduated volume and treble pot tapers, tighter overdrive, and a Celestion 12" Celestion® G12P-80 speaker.

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