Electric Guitars Fender Player Series Stratocaster Sunburst Limited Edition

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Do You Have a Trade In?

This Limited-Edition Player Series Stratocaster puts all of the classic features of the Strat at your fingertips while adding a modern edge.  

This gorgeous "Dealer Exclusive" Stratocaster sports a limited edition finish set - of 3-tone Sunburst, 3-ply black pickguard, Pau Ferro fretboard and all gold hardware.

Over the decades, players have been continually inspired by the sound of a Strat. From the clarity of the high end, through the gut punch of the mids and the solid lows, it's a sound that's versatile enough for any musical style and broad enough for any player to find an individual voice.

The enhanced visuals of this instrument are exactly the kind of thing people are often striving for when they're shopping for simple part upgrades for their Player Strats, and now Fender has gone and taken the sought-after combo and put it all into this guitar for a limited time.

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