Electric Guitars Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton "Blackie" 2006 Masterbuilt Tribute Stratocaster

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Collector owned and kept in storage since original purchase in 2006. Comes with all of the original extra case candy (listed in the description below) including a hand signed certificate from Mr Clapton himself. The original shipping box is also included in the sale, as well as the promotional poster given to stores who stocked this guitar. Only two of these guitars were made available in Australia, however this one was imported from a store in the USA. The idea behind this guitar is that it is an exact, like-for-like replica of Blackie. When presented with the first Masterbuilt Blackie replica, Eric was so impressed that he asked for one - this is as close to owning the real thing as it gets (and about $1,000,000 cheaper). 

An exact replica of Clapton's beloved Fender Stratocaster and masterbuilt by Mark Kendrick, this pre-owned guitar is a painstaking replica of Eric Clapton's famed "Blackie" guitar. No detail was overlooked; from the cigarette-burned headstock, to the near-perfect reproduction of the relic paintjob, to the "Duck Bros." heavy-duty road case, this instrument is nothing short of amazing. All packaged items are here, including a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mr. Clapton himself. A Fender Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity is included as well.

Includes: Certificate of Authenticity and DVD signed by Eric Clapton, Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity, Crossroads Festival DVD in original packaging, Eric Clapton Crossroads CD Boxed Set in original packaging, Crossroads Centre Pamphlet and DVD, Christie's Crossroads Guitar Auction Booklet, Replica Anvil Case with "The Duck Bros." paint, Fender Strap, Polish Cloth, Tremolo Arm, Cable, Owners Manual, Custom Shop Sticker

 A little about the guitar from Mike Eldred, Director of Sales & Marketing for the Fender Custom Shop -

"It’s an iconic Stratocaster. The story about the guitar is really such a great story about how Eric bought the guitar--bought several guitars--and then pieced together basically just one guitar from a bunch of different parts. So he actually built the guitar, which is very unique when it comes to iconic guitars like this. A lot of times they’re just bought at a store or something like that. But here, an artist actually built the guitar, and then used it on so many different recordings, and it was so identified with Eric Clapton and his musical legacy.

Whenever we do the tribute series stuff we always work on the actual guitar. In the case of Blackie we had inspected it and actually made a body, a replica body years ago when we first looked at it when Eric still owned it, and we spent about a week with it. But when Guitar Center brought it down it was really, really nice because we got to all sit around and professionally photograph it, professionally videotape it. Todd Krause completely took the guitar apart and inspected every screw, every scratch, everything. And then once he was done, we brought in all the rest of the master builders and they kind of swarmed the guitar so everybody got a really clear perspective of what the guitar was, so it was totally valuable to be able to do that. We are very grateful that we had that opportunity."

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