Effects DigiTech Whammy V4 Pitch-Shift Pedal Pre-Owned

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Pre-owned in excellent condition, comes with original box and power supply. 

Unleash your creativity with the DigiTech WH-4 Whammy (4th Gen), an octave/pitch shifter that's as versatile as it is powerful. Lauded for its six whammy, 10 harmony, and deep/shallow detune modes, this compact red marvel puts full control of your sound at your fingertips. Whether you want to send your sound spiraling down into the abyss or rocketing skywards for an experimental effect, this pedal is your ticket to a whole new world of sonic exploration. Known to be a favorite of acclaimed musicians like Tom Morello, Jack White, and Troy Van Leeuwen, it's a must-have addition to any serious musician's gear collection.

Key Features:

  • Six unique Whammy modes for a wide range of pitch-shifting effects
  • Ten Harmony modes for added versatility
  • Deep and Shallow detune modes for extra depth and tonal shaping
  • Compact, sturdy design in a recognizable red casing
  • Adored by renowned musicians such as Tom Morello, Jack White, and Troy Van Leeuwen
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