Effects Diamond VIB-1 Vibrato Pitch Modulation Pedal

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Here it is at last. The Diamond Vibrato Pedal is now shipping! This incredibly cool vibrato pedal from Diamond features true pitch vibrato and chorus. The Diamond Vibrato is built around bucket brigade NOS MN3007 delay chips along with Vishay JFET’s and Burr Brown audiophile op-amps. The internal operating voltage is 15v for tons of headroom and flawless operation straight in or in an effects loop. The combination of the high quality components and higher than usual operating voltage makes the Diamond Vibrato Pedal extremely quiet unlike other chorus effects. Diamond Vibrato Pedal The Diamond Vibrato Pedal features true pitch vibrato and chorus effects. There are controls for Volume, Chorus, Depth, and Speed as well as switches for High (increased vibrato depth) and Jazz (for a warmer vintage tone). The Diamond Vibrato is true bypass as well. There are two expression pedal inputs for external control over Depth and Speed. The chorus effect is thick and lush with practically no noise, even with overdrive in the signal. The vibrato is true pitch and can be dialed in to be very reminiscent of old VibraTone and Leslie effects. If a versatile vintage style vibrato is on your list, the Diamond Vibrato Pedal is for you.

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