Effects Diamond TRM-1 Tap Tempo Tremolo Pedal

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The all new Diamond Tremolo is here! This pedal features a microprocessor control unit with an all analog signal path. This provides ultimate flexibility and control while not ever converting the signal to digital. The Diamond Tremolo circuit is a variable resistance circuit based on a Vactrol opto-isolator just like an old tube amp tremolo circuit. It also features the addition of a JFET based “chop” circuit for machine gun staccato and helicopter chops. The Diamond Tremolo has your basic control functions you would expect such as Speed and Depth as well as a waveform switch for going between sine, triangle, square, and chop. The LED also changes color with waveforms so you know your settings at a glance. The Diamond Tremolo also features a Volume control to match the level of your amplifier. The Tap Tempo function is another unique feature of the Diamond Tremolo. The Tap control functions as a weighted average tempo set or, if held down, it also doubles the speed of the tremolo that is already set.
The Diamond Tremolo is pure bliss. This pedal provides everything from vintage smooth sine tremolo to the old school Valco chop style tremolo. The unique function of the tap tempo provides spot on timing and doubling with a slight ramp between speed changes to make the transitions smoother and keep the effect perfectly on time, all the time. The LED on the Diamond Tremolo also changes color with the waveform mode and the LED on the right side gives a visual of tempo. The Diamond Tremolo is top notch and natural sounding and like all Diamond pedals features super high quality components and durable construction to give you the sound you want for as long as you want it.


  • Vactrol Opto-Isolator Variable Resistance Path Tremolo
  • All Analog Signal Path – NO AD/DA Conversion
  • Tap Tempo
  • Selectable Waveforms
  • Smooth Ramping when Changing Speeds
  • Front Panel Volume Control
  • 2% Panasonic Polypropylene Capacitors and 1% Metal Film Resistors
  • Bi-Color LEDs for Visual Indication of Speed and Waveform Mode
  • True Bypass
  • -9vdc or Battery Operation
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