Danelectro Guitars Danelectro Coral Sitar Electric Red Crackle

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Company founder Nat Daniel confirmed in a mid 1980's interview with Jim Washburn that the Danelectro company built only one left handed instrument in its entire production, a Coral Electric Sitar for guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Danoelectro have a reissue of that classic Coral Sitar used by Jimi Hendrix, however they have only made them in right handed, unlike the original built for Jimi.

It is strung with standard electric 6-Strings, with the twangy sitar like tone coming from a flat bridge adding the necessary buzz to the guitar strings. A unique type of bridge, a "buzz bridge" helps give the instrument its distinctive sound. In addition to the six playing strings, this electric sitar has sympathetic strings. Along with 2 Lipstick pickups for the 6 Strings, the sympathetic strings have their own Lipstick pickup. Includes tuning wrench for the sympathetic strings.

The current range of Danelectro reissues are made in Korea, are built to original specifications, and still have all the mojo and vibe of the original instruments. Hearing Is Believing.

Very Limited Stocks, these Sitars are rare as hens teeth, get in quick!

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